Where does the replica watches come and go?

Where does the replica watches come and go? These are also deeply confused ladies and gentlemen, there is darkness in a bright place. Relying on Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places complete watch industry chain, where not only the production and marketing of brand watches, many imitation table is also here breeding.
In fact, the imitation table is also divided into many levels, according to the level of sophistication can be divided into low imitation, general imitation, high imitation and high imitation. This article is about high imitation table. And we imagine the high imitation table is hidden in the underground family workshop production is not the same, the reality of the high imitation watch must be in the most formal watch manufacturer, not a family workshop. Family workshops up to the most simple assembly, and now the market high imitation table huge supply simply can not rely on family workshops up, high imitation table depends on the level of family workshops can not be achieved.